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  in a Top Level B&B just on the shore of the Bracciano lake, near Rome (on smartphone turn it to see better)
Daily tariffs vary from 80 to 110 eur for 2 persons in double room (10% reduction after 4 nights) breakfast and all services included.
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"Villa in the Park" - B&B on the lake - Anguillara Sabazia (Rome)


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          Here are the FARES (all included) per night, for 2 persons:  

Room Lotus (15 sq.m.) to 80 eur/night and 72 after 4 nights
all included:
- Breakfast on the garden
- Private bathroom in the room (with sauna)
- TV sat. 32", Wi-Fi, parking, bicycles, BBQ
- Garden with chairs, canoe, etc.

Room Panorama (28 sq.m.) to 90 eur/night and 81 after 4 nights
all included:
- Breakfast on the garden
- Private bathroom in the room and fridge
- TV sat. 32", Wi-Fi, parking, bicycles, BBQ
- Garden with chairs, canoe, etc.

The B&B "Villa in the Park" is managed by its owners and it is not a common Bed and Breakfast, because its rooms have panoramic view over the lake, in-room private bathroom with shower and it will allow you to enjoy the stay in a beautiful Villa.
The environment can be either familiar or reserved, according to the client's wishes.
As the B&B has only two rooms a family renting both of them will enjoy all the services and the Villa in an exclusive way, without the presence of any other client.
The B&B quality is certified by the "Quality Trademark" released by the Regional Agency of the " Park of the two lakes (Bracciano e Martignano)".
Our rates vary between 80 and 110 eur per day for a double room (all included) in the various seasons and a 10% reduction is applied after 4 nights.
The rates of the rooms are "all-inclusive" as they include the rich breakfast and all the B&B services, as the private access to the lake by the wide private area of the Villa and the free use of canoe and pedal boat, as much as you want.
Other services included in the rate are:

  • Reserved parking
  • Satellite TV in the room
  • Wi-Fi all over the area
  • Equipped garden (even with barbecue) and various games

  Description of the B&B:  
Enjoy the charm of the landscape and breathe the pure air of forest and hill, staying in the unique Villa with B&B, garden and a wide private beach with canoe, just on the shore of the lake of Bracciano, in the quaint little town of Anguillara , near Rome, without the chaos and smog of big cities.
Anguillara is the very beautiful city where the famous TV serial was set "Everybody Loves Raymond".
The "Villa in the Park" is a splendid villa immersed in the green of the forest in the Park of the two unpolluted lakes Bracciano and Martignano and it is located on the lake shore, paradise of the sports of sailing, surf and canoe, inside the natural area protected by the Regional Park Agency.

The B&B "Villa nel Parco" has two bedrooms, both on the ground floor with private bathroom and windows with panoramic views of the garden and lake.
The rooms have the great advantage of being fresh in the summer, because besides being 200 m. above sea level, enjoy a natural reduction in temperature as the Villa was built nestled into the hillside behind.

  Features of the B&B:  

  • The bigger room Panorama is a double room which can be transformed into a triple or quadruple bedroom.
  • The other room Lotus is a double bedroom, finely furnished in briar.

Both rooms have:

  • Private bathrooms with shower (the Lotus room has also hydromassage and sauna)
  • Plenty of hot water produced ecologically (with solar panels)
  • Panoramic windows on the lake
  • Private free parking
  • Wi-Fi free service everywhere in the Villa
  • Excellent reception for mobile phones and smartphones
  • Free access to the lake from the private area of the Villa with private slide (only electric engines allowed)
  • Free use of canoe
  • The garden of the Villa, raised 3 metres over the beach for a better view on the lake, is a natural extension of the beach up to the entrance of the rooms.
  • Barbecue and two bicycles available to guests
  • Various games available to guests both for indoor and outdoor use

  Features of the site:  

  • The villa is not far from the Anguillara downtown, which is directly connected by rail link (every 30 min.) to
  • Rome (underground network) and to Vaticano. The Fiumicino airport is 35 Km far away; boarding to Sardinia is at 55 Km.
  • Anguillara is a beautiful village with everything, safe and quiet, nestled in a natural oasis.
  • Bathing (free) into the Bracciano lake through the private beach of the villa.
  • The pure air of the forest
  • Beauties of nature and landscape, protected by the Park of the two Lakes Bracciano and Martignano.
  • Proximity to the sea and Cerveteri, with its important remains of Etruscan civilization.
  • The Stigliano's spa which date back to Etruscan times.
  • The Air Force Historical Museum (free admission)
  • Various activities of leisure and sport are possible in Anguillara (swimming, sailing, canoeing, surfing, horseback riding, ultralight airfields, etc.)
  • Opening period is from April 1 to October 15

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  VIRTUAL TOUR:   moving the mouse with click down you can visit the whole B&B on 360° photos (click on the right upper corner for full screen).
Click on arrows to change photo:the tour starts from the lake terrace, where we serve the breakfast (turning the view to the right you can see the buffet)

Click on a photo on the mosaic to see it larger with description
Villa Tramonto By_night Pan.letto Pan.lago Terrazza Alaggio Anguillara Mappa

This is the Villa in the Park with the forest on the back. The rooms Panorama and Loto have their three windows you see on the garden floor.

This is the garden where you can enjoy a relax with a splendid view over the lake and where you can have your breakfast, if you want.

This is our "Lakeview terrace" where the breakfast is served.

Finally this is our exclusive private beach, canoe, hammock, umbrellas , etc. (everything free for our guests):

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"Panorama" room

This is the wider room and it has two large windows overlooking the garden of the villa (400 sqm).
From the windows you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the lake with the Odescalchi castle that stands between lake and sky.
The sun rises behind the hill, leaving the villa (not the beach) in a cool shade during breakfast (until 11 am).
In the evening the sun sets behind the castle, creating an evocative panorama of a charm enjoyed directly from the bedroom windows.
The room is equipped with a private bathroom (in the room) with shower.

"Lotus" room

This room is finely furnished in briar, has a large window overlooking the garden of the villa of 400 square meters, with direct views on the lake and with the sun setting in front, behind the profile of the medieval castle Odescalchi. The window is under a lotus tree that provides a pleasant shade in summer. It is also equipped with a private bathroom with shower, hydromassage and turkish bath (sauna).

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                        RATES 2016


The rates of the two rooms (Lotus and Panorama for 2 persons) have the following seasonal trend (shown on one line from march,1 to october,31):
Period: 1/4....Low....31/5 1/6....Mid....30/6 1/7...High...31/8 1/9....Mid....30/9 1/10....Low....31/10 
  Lotus  <------70-------> <-------80-------> <------90-------> <------80 -------> <--------70------> Eur
Panorama <------80-------> <-------90-------> <-----100-------> <------90--------> <--------80------> Eur
  • LOW SEASON (from 01.03 to 31.05 and from 1.10 to 31.10)   : 70 EUR for Lotus and 70 EUR for the Panorama
  • MID-SEASON (from 01.06 to 30.06 and from 1.09 to 30.09) : 80 EUR for Lotus and 80 EUR for the Panorama
  • HIGH SEASON   (from 01.07 to 31.08 and Easter)   :               90 EUR for Lotus and 100 EUR for Panorama.
MINIMUM STAY: 2 nights
DISCOUNT 10%: After 6-th night

Continental breakfast (see photo), reserved parking, Wi-Fi, BBQ, two bikes, beach (not lifeguarded), canoe and all taxes: INCLUDED

The variation for any more or less person is ± 15 EUR (children below 2 years free; below 12 years ± 10 EUR)
Small pets are welcome (on request)

Possible agreement with the restaurant for meals, catering and special menu (on request half/full board).

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Where we are

On the map, along the coast, you can see the symbol that identify our location.
Clicking on the image, you can see the on-line Google map centered on the house "Villa nel Parco" with surrounding woods and the private beach.

In the on-line map you can have an overview of the House location and the surrounding area: the Regional Park of the two lakes, Bracciano and Martignano.
(All rights on the maps downloaded by Browser from Internet are reserved to Google.)

The Villa is exactly at Km 2.0 of the Via Prov.11b or Via Vigna di Valle (along the lake border) that starts from the square of Anguillara pier (where is the docking of the touristic boat, linking the three towns on the lake). So from Anguillara just drive on the road for 2 km lakefront (along the lake, clockwise when viewed from above) toward the town of Bracciano. The private parking and the signs of the B&B "Villa nel Parco" is located just down the road at Km 2.0 on the left (you can see the kilometric signal on the road).

The following pictures show the entrance of the "Villa nel Parco", the private pier with swans and the lake with some boats available to clients (free of charge):

Next photo shows the view of the lake from the "Villa in the Park" with the garden, its private area on tje lake shore, our Guests in the water (on the sandy bottom, only 1.5 meters deep) and the pier on the right, below the shadow of the plane tree.
All around the Villa there is the forest, the natural oasis of the two Lakes Park.

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If you want to book in the best way, just fill in the fields you want of the Form below and send us this, definitely NOT BINDING, request of informations. We will send you back the informations you need and then you can decide whether to book or not.  

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You can send us two kinds of requests:

  1. Information request (for instance about availability or rates) to which we will answer without any binding of the rooms.
  2. Booking request to which we will answer by the confirmation mail which engages the rooms requested for the days indicated, although not in a guaranteed form (like a telephonic reservation). In peak periods we recommend however the payment (to the owner) of a deposit to secure the booking. This deposit can be paid with the outmost security, either by bank transfer or by direct payment using PayPal
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